October 25, 2017

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What I’ve Learned From Careers In Media

December 11, 2017

During the course of my Fall 2017 semester at Middlesex Community College, I have grown to understand just a bit more of what I want in life and in work as well as how I will get there. This is all thanks to a course called Careers In Media taught by Professor Rich Lenoce and the guest speakers he booked. We had the opportunity to hear their takes on different veins of the media industries, everything from Television, YouTube, and Film Making to Web Design, Music Production, and News. Going into this semester, I was fairly certain I wanted to work in Television to bring in income and work on films as a hobby. This course showed me that there are many different avenues in media that could bring me just as much income and perhaps more or equal happiness. In many ways, it made my vision for a career more real than at any point I can recall. In the coming years I’m sure what I’ve learned here will be of use in whatever path I choose to travel. In the coming years I’ll have many more productions and projects to add to my Wix site. My network, the courses I’ll be taking, and Film Club are really inexhaustible when it comes to new productions. I think the next 2 years will give me time to hone my skills in all aspects of filmmaking and shore up my skills in computers and graphic design thanks to the litany of requirements I have left to graduate. Overall I'm grateful to my professor, the guests, and my peers for helping to shape my perspective on a career, in media. Da dun tss

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